logos on the bunkers with our paintball field branding options

Branding your event is a snap

Simply upload your logo or choose sponsor logos from our existing paintball brand database.

Your competing players spend hours upon hours analyzing your layouts. Don't waste priceless user engagement in the weeks leading up to your events. Factor GunzUp!™ into your sponsor relationships and/or resell banner spots to sponsors... or anybody really.

You can purchase one-time layout branding per event, or pay annually up front and save.

To Get Started...

Set up Annual Branding using the "Set up Branding" button in your league details section.
Set up One-Time Event Branding: Look for the "Set up Event Branding" button in your event setup form. (Event must be created first before branding options become available)

The Field Banners

Upload 1, 2 or 3 field banners per layout. All events can display the same banners or each event can have its own unique banners.

Contact us directly to learn about controlling your "field banners".

So you have a podcast?

The same options are also available to podcasters. Your ability to brand GunzUp!™ for the audience can take your podcast to the next level. Contact us directly for special podcast rates.

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