logos on the bunkers with our paintball field branding options

Brand GunzUp!

As a league owner, you can now get your logo on the bunkers and turf within your virtual event layouts. We also offer the ability to control your "in-game" field banners as well.

Your competing players spend hours and hours on-end analizing every angle of your layouts, don't miss the opportunity to get your branding in front of them in the weeks leading up to game day. And it goes without saying this allows you to leverage GunzUp! to get more from your sponsors. As the GunzUp! community grows your ad space will become more and more valuable to them, making for a more beneficial relationship in the long run. Get in now and seal the deal for 12 months while the fees are minimal.

The same options are also available to podcasters. Your ability to brand GunzUp! for the audience can take your podcast to the next level. Contact us below for pricing and details.

Bunker Branding

Bunker branding should be a square .png under 1000px wide with transparent background

Turf Branding

Turf branding should be a square, white only .png under 1200px wide with transparent background

You will receive a paypal invoice in the amount of $36.00 USD for the first 12 months.

We will contact you about details and pricing.